History and Officers

On November 8, 2001, fourteen people met at the Old Post Office and formed the Friends of the Wetumpka Library (FOWL). The group hit the ground running with a used book sale at Christmas on the Coosa that next month. After the State Library “weeded” our library of out-dated books, FOWL sponsored another book sale in March which made over $1800. 

Founding officers Howard Peck and Betty Crowe were among the many volunteers who made the first big FOWL book sale such a success. The sale lasted two days and was held at the Old Post Office.

Within the first year the group had over 90 members and was able to present the library with over $2,500 for new books and programming from its book sales.

Officers are elected in May and serve for two years. Officers for 2020-2022 are as follows:

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