The Wetumpka Public Library first opened on September 14, 1957 on the second floor of what was then City Hall across from the County Courthouse. The first librarian was Mrs. Lucile Grier and the library had 3,000 volumes at its opening.

In November of 1972 the library moved to its present location within the new City Hall building on the corner of Main St. and Ready St. In 1987, an addition to the west side of the library added two rooms, and increased the space for the library to 3,200 square feet.

The Friends of the Wetumpka Library (FOWL) was started in 2001. On September 14, 2017 the Library celebrated its 60th birthday with an open house. This event was sponsored by FOWL.

The library expanded further in 2008 when other city departments in the building were located to the new City Administration Building. Wetumpka Public Library currently has over 27,000 items in its collection, 11 public access computers with Internet and wireless connectivity. The library offers access to Overdrive Digital Library, and a variety of databases.

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